EastEnders: Bex confronts Michelle over Preston relationship – but what happens next?

Tonight's cliffhanger saw Michelle's big secret exposed


“Is it true? Are you sleeping with my boyfriend?”


And so starts what EastEnders is promising will be “a dramatic week in Walford” as Michelle’s world comes crashing down around her following Bex’s accusations.

Tonight’s episode saw Dennis tell Louise about Michelle’s illicit relationship – and it wasn’t long before Louise was passing on the information to Bex.

Cue a showdown in the Queen Vic during a Sixties-themed night that saw Bex halt her performance of Walking Back to Happiness after noticing a certain closeness between Preston and Michelle.


Tomorrow’s episode will see Bex struggling to come to terms with the fact that Michelle was sleeping with Preston behind her back. As Stacey does her best to comfort Bex, can the Fowlers forgive Michelle for her actions?


As the pressure rises, Michelle loses control leading to disastrous consequences, all of which the soap reveals will “send shockwaves across the Square”.

Will family and friends be able to pull together? Or will the Fowlers be pulled apart thanks to Michelle’s actions?


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