Coronation Street: Sarah finally meets Nathan – but will she approve?

What will she think when she sees her daughter's boyfriend is older than her?


Sarah Platt finally meets daughter Bethany’s boyfriend Nathan in next week’s Coronation Street – and gets a big shock when she realises he’s old enough to be her dad. Will she figure out Nathan’s sleazy agenda before Bethany falls deeper into his trap?


Before Nathan can come to tea chez Platt, Bethany receives a frantic call from Mel on Monday telling her Nathan’s been ‘wrongly’ arrested for assault and begs her to give him an alibi. Lying Nathan was with her on the night in question, gullible Bethany goes all gooey when grateful Nathan thanks her and tells her how amazing he thinks she is. 

Arriving for his ‘meet the parents’ moment at the Platts’, Sarah is understandably surprised when she meets Nathan and is immediately troubled by the age gap – funnily enough Bethany forgot to mention he was more than twice her age… 

Turning on the charm, Mr Curtis does his best to convince Sarah he has Bethany’s best interests at heart. Realising she has to accept Nathan to protect her relationship with her daughter, Sarah reluctantly shows support for the romance – though Gary’s not buying it. 

After an awks conversation about contraception (Sarah has no idea her daughter already has the implant after creepy encouragement from Nathan once they’re relationship got physical), Bethany is pleased her mum is treating her like an adult, though Sarah is secretly struggling with the situation. 

Next Wednesday, Bethany goes to a party at Nathan’s place dressed to the nines, and innocently wonders why all the guests apart from her and Mel are men.

Remember when Nathan called a mate of his after he took Bethany’s virginity and hinted at some sleazy plan for the teen? We reckon this little party for Nathan and his pervy mates has got something to do with that…  


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