Emmerdale: Robron speak on the eve of the wedding!

Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley tease there could even be a SECOND ceremony


Excitement is reaching fever pitch around Emmerdale’s Robron wedding, airing in tomorrow’s episode.


Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller are bracing themselves for social media to explode as their characters make their big commitment in front of millions, but after such a build up are they worried it might disappoint?

“I’m interested to see the fans reaction,” admits Hawley, “I think they’ll be expecting something massive but it’s actually quite small and intimate. But there are reasons behind that, so if you take all that into consideration I’m sure the fans will enjoy it.”


The wedding is not quite the Las Vegas spectacular some may have hoped for, but as Hawley says the big day is something of a rush due to the fact Aaron is facing a prison sentence for assaulting Kasim. Robert has planned the wedding in secret entirely behind Aaron’s back, desperate to make their commitment concrete before he goes to prison.

“In the lead up his sentencing, Aaron starts to worry how his sister Liv will cope once he’s away,” says Miller. “The whole reason Robert speeds up organising the wedding is that he wants the three of them to be a proper family and assure Aaron he’ll step up and look after Liv. This is the only bit of security she’s ever had and Robert wants to strengthen that with properly committing.” 


So it’s in a hastily-bedecked Woolpack that Aaron walks into – having been locked in the boot of a car to keep him out of the way until the time is right – but the boys reckon it’s the perfect venue.

“It’s great it was in an environment Robert and Aaron are so familiar with, and it being so intimate as well,” continues Miller. “That feels fitting for both characters.”

The actor insists it’s all about the commitment, not the décor – which is just as well as Robert has left the Dingles in charge of that particular job… “Some tacky stuff makes an appearance!” he grins. “The idea of it is supposed to be around the fact Aaron is going to prison for a while and will miss all these seasons, so the Dingles cram them all into one – which is why Halloween and Christmas decorations appear!” Certainly a far cry from Robert’s last wedding to Chrissie White up at swanky Home Farm.


Miller and Hawley are also quick to calm fears that once the pair are married (if indeed they do tie the knot: Emmerdale are remaining tight-lipped as to whether they say ‘I do’) it won’t mean an end to the Robron rollercoaster of drama – not least because Aaron’s prison sentence kicks off a whole new storyline for the pair, as Hawley reveals:

“It’s nice to see two characters who are so in love take this big step, but once Aaron goes to prison it’s going to be horrible for both of them. Robert’s life will be on hold as much as Aaron’s, and his priority will be looking out for Liv.”

Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod has already revealed plans for the prison plot, including a special episode focusing on the impact of the incarceration on all the characters involved. For Miller, it means another upsetting chapter ahead for troubled Aaron…

“It gets very dark in prison. There will be certain people in there who push his buttons and make his time even more difficult. It’s going to be very harrowing for him, unfortunately.”

One small snag about the wedding ceremony is that it’s not actually legal… does that matter? “It’s just a bit of paper, isn’t it?” challenges Hawley. “What’s important are these two people making this commitment and celebrating their relationship.” Miller agrees: “They don’t need a piece of paper to define it.”

Besides, it could give Emmerdale the perfect excuse to have a second bite of the wedding cake and throw a proper legal ceremony once Aaron has served his time behind bars. “That’s something we’ve discussed actually. Bearing in mind this wedding is so rushed, there might be something later on but we don’t actually know. There’s a lot more to come before we can even think about that.”

Two Robron weddings within a year? Emmerdale is really spoiling us now…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Emmerdale below.


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