Coronation Street: What is Shona’s link to Kylie Platt? Is she Callum’s secret sister?

The Weatherfield newcomer has something to hide


Coronation Street has teased a mysterious link between Shona Ramsay and the late Kylie Platt – but what is it?


That’s the questions fans will be asking themselves following tonight’s episode where the café worker paid an emotional secret visit to Kylie’s grave.

Until now we’ve not known much about the enigmatic Shona, and there’s certainly been no hint of any dealings with Kylie, sensationally killed off last summer in a dramatic stabbing incident.

She was first on screen back in December when she stole David Platt’s wallet in a nightclub, and came to live on the Street when kindly vicar Billy found her hiding in the vestry and took her in.

In tonight’s episode Shona panicked when Kylie’s gobby mate Gemma insisted they’d met before, but later calmed down and covered they had a mutual friend (they’d been at a house party four years ago where Gemma dressed as a cowgirl – sounds like a scream). Shona didn’t seem to be telling the entire truth here, and the relief on her face revealed she’d had a lucky escape – for now, at least.

Under cover of night we then saw Shona visit Kylie Platt’s grave alone, where she stood fighting back tears. Was she related to Kylie? We know Kyles and half sister Becky didn’t have the most stable of upbringings, perhaps there are other siblings knocking about? Perhaps they were old mates, but she obviously doesn’t want anyone to make the link.

Gemma clocking her means she must be from her old estate and know the Dog & Gun gang, which also included evil Callum Logan, Kylie’s ex who was memorably murdered in Coronation Street’s 2015 live episode. Maybe it’s him she’s related to, not Kylie? That would explain the guilt she felt when she realized there was a picture of her in David’s wallet, and why she handed it back. We didn’t know much about Callum’s background other than his harassed mum – could there be a long-lost Logan?

Shona may also have knocked about with Macca and Clayton, Kylie’s killer – was her meeting David all planned from the beginning if she felt guilty about her old pals taking Kylie’s life? The possibilities are endless… 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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