Neighbours: Dee Bliss returns – here’s what happens next!

Actress Madeleine West was back on screen just in time for today's cliffhanger


So, Dee Bliss is back after 14 years away, having turned up in the closing seconds of today’s episode of Neighbours to give Toadie the surprise of his life.


Madeleine West was seen reprising the role she originally left in 2003, leaving viewers with big questions about how her character has managed to return from the dead after supposedly coming to a watery end.

Next week’s episodes will see Toadie left stunned by Dee’s familiarity with the details of the accident that appeared to take her life.


But as she explains away her years of absence, Dee manages to convince Toadie that she was saved by a miracle. Sonya, however, is not so easily convinced and neither – for that matter – is Mark, whose questions soon put him at odds with Steph.

By Tuesday, Toadie will be seen spending the day getting reacquainted with Dee, while Sonya is left trying to hide her fear that Dee has returned to win him back. But what are the returnee’s real intentions? 


Watch the trailer below to get a preview of next week’s Neighbours drama: