EastEnders: 5 big questions following Michelle’s underage sex confession

Why all the swearing? Why steal Ian's wine? Does Sharon "tan easy"?


Thursday’s episode of EastEnders contained a big revelation about Michelle’s life in America – namely, that she’d been having an underage relationship with a 17-year-old student. Having fled the States for Walford, Michelle ended up confessing all to old friend Sharon. But the heart to heart only ended up leaving us with more questions. Such as:


1) Is Tim going to turn up? And Preston? And Mark?

Michelle was chucking so many names into her conversation with Sharon it now seems an inevitability that they show up at some point. Husband Tim and lover Preston – we expect your arrival at some point in the future. And surely it’s time for Rent-a-T-Bird Mark Fowler Jr to show his face again?

2) Why was everyone swearing?

Honestly, it was like a ‘Too Blue for TV’ DVD special. We had Phil labelled a “stupid, stupid bastard”, Michelle accusing the residents of Albert Square of “shagging” their neighbours, plus a “bloody” and an “arse” thrown in for good measure. If it goes on like this, Mick Carter will be dropping the f-bomb by the end of the week…


3) Why did Michelle and Sharon trash Ian’s house?

Honestly, ladies, show some respect. You let yourself into Ian’s gaffe, drink his wine, smash a mug and then emotionally reminisce for a good 10 minutes about Lou Beale and Pauline Fowler. Where were the Beales while all this was going on? Probably down IKEA replacing their annihilated crockery.

4) Since when did Michelle like younger men?

We’re pretty sure she had a taste for an older fella, what with her getting pregnant by Den Watts and planning to marry personal tutor Geoff Barnes.


5) Does Sharon really tan easily?

Well, she put it out there. We just want to know the secret of Sharon’s hue…

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