Coronation Street: Eva discovers Toyah and Peter’s secret – but will she tell Leanne?

Expect fireworks as Eva learns the truth


Toyah will be put on the back foot in an upcoming episode of Coronation Street when Eva confronts her over her affair with Peter Barlow.


Eva will learn exactly what’s been going on after Simon blabs the truth and wastes no time in seeking out Toyah.

Scenes to be shown on Monday 9 January will see Toyah begging to keep Leanne out of it, but Eva refuses to make any promises.

Later on, Aidan confides in Eva that Underworld could go bust because of the Barlow boys – all of which gives her an idea about what she can do with her new-found information.


Calling round at number one, Eva makes it plain to Peter that she’ll reveal all to Leanne about his dalliance with Toyah should he not drop his claim on the factory.

With Toyah also insisting that Peter backs down out of fear that Leanne could lose the baby over the stress should she discover all, it looks as though the Barlows have no choice.

With a heavy heart, Peter approaches Aidan and tells him that he’ll no longer be going after Underworld. But how will Adam react to the sudden U-turn?

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