EastEnders: Heather Trott makes a return from beyond the grave

Dot got a surprise during her final shift at the launderette


EastEnders fans got a nostalgic surprise in the Christmas Eve episode of the BBC1 soap when Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison) made a return from beyond the grave.


And before you protest – this wasn’t a miraculous resurrection in the style of Kathy Beale. Heather’s reappearance came thanks to a mix-tape that Dot (June Brown) discovered on her final day working at the launderette.

After putting the cassette in a player, Dot found that Shirley and Heather had joined forces to compile a selection of Christmas hits. And of course, DJ Hev’s top tune turned out to be – what else? – Wham’s Last Christmas.


Heather’s audio-only cameo was just one of the poignant moments of Dot’s final shift. As she locked up for the final time, Dot also heard flashes of dialogue from the archives, including snippets from the likes of Jim, Lou, Ethel and Pauline.

But as the launderette closed its doors, Dot was ultimately left lonely as her friends failed to show up for her farewell party, the majority assuming that she’d be too busy to celebrate.

So is Dot destined to spend Christmas Day on her own? Or will one of her neighbours realise that she has nobody to share the festivities? Find out when EastEnders returns tomorrow at 9.30pm.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of New Year on EastEnders below.


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