Emmerdale: Rebecca makes an enemy of Aaron with bad-taste gag – here’s what happens next

Find out how Aaron gets revenge!


Rebecca White has managed to get on the wrong side of Aaron Dingle again on tonight’s Emmerdale after accidentally making an offensive wisecrack.


Scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw Rebecca learn that Aaron is intending to buy Mill Cottage for him and Liv. After pointing out that the property costs of hundreds of thousands of pounds, Rebecca learned learned that there was available funds in Aaron’s bank account.

“Whoever you had to sleep with to get your hands on that kind of cash must have had deep pockets,” joked Rebecca, little realising that the money came from Aaron’s late father Gordon, who sexually abused him as a child.


Despite both Liv and Robert assuring Aaron that Rebecca doesn’t know about his traumatic past, it seems that he isn’t going to forget the offensive remark in a hurry.


Scenes to be shown tomorrow see Aaron get his revenge by sneaking in to Home Farm with the intention of stealing cash from the safe. But Emmerdale fans can expect their pulse rates to rise after Rebecca arrives home to almost catch Aaron in the act. 

Aaron rushes to the door, just as Rebecca is noticing that the safe is open. But Aaron’s sigh of relief that he’s got away with his crime might just be premature: just how much does Rebecca know and what will she say when she turns up looking grim faced at the Woolpack?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas on Emmerdale below.


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