Emmerdale: Danny Miller teases Aaron and Robert’s wedding – “Viewers deserve a happy ending”

But might Rebecca still end up ruining their relationship?


Emmerdale star Danny Miller has hinted that Aaron and Robert’s upcoming wedding will be a joyful occasion – news that should gladden the hearts of all #Robron fans. But will the pair end up getting married in the village in front of family and friends or in secret?


“I’ve always been quite private. So I, personally, would like to have a wedding abroad somewhere on a beach. And I’d like that for Robron too. Aaron is similar to me in that he’s quite private and gets embarrassed easily. So I’d like to see them sneak off together to get married,” said the actor. “But I think that viewers deserve to actually see the happy ending. It would be nice for fans to see just how happy they are.”

Of course, nobody in soapland remains content for ever and viewers are currently witnessing Aaron and Robert’s relationship being tested by the return of the latter’s ex-lover Rebecca White. Robert may have already rebuffed Rebecca’s most recent advances, but might her actions end up ruining his relationship with Aaron?

“It would be interesting if that happened,” admitted Miller, words that will no doubt send a sliver of ice down the backs of #Robron devotees. “The fact is that Robert did cheat on Chrissie with Rebecca, so he could do it again now that he’s with Aaron. But I think it would be difficult for viewers to accept it.”


The actor also offered his thoughts as to why Aaron and Robert have such a strong fanbase that’s desperate to see them weather whatever storm the Emmerdale storylines throw at them: “It’s become a relationship that everyone is rooting for. Gay teens, straight teens, girls, older women, young lads…What’s interesting is that, in a way, Aaron and Robert are so unlike each other.

“But when they’re together, you can see that they’re in love. And that’s so nice to play. That relationship shouldn’t work, but it does. Because they would do anything for each other. Aaron has always been the fisticuffs type, so when Robert needs a guard dog, he’s there ready to pounce. But if you need advice – be it social or business-related – then  Robert’s the person you ask. So that combination really works.”

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