Emmerdale: streaker drama for Gabby Thomas

Gabby's actions could have devastating consequences


Troubled Gabby Thomas’s rash actions look set to get her into big trouble in an upcoming episode of Emmerdale.


A storyline to be shown in the run-up to Christmas will see Laurel telling an upset Gabby that she needn’t take on such a large part of the burden of her dad’s illness and ought instead to be happy herself.

But Gabby misinterprets Laurel’s advice with a boozy plan! Scenes to be shown on Thursday 8 December will see Gabby drinking away her woes in the company of Liv, the pair of the on a mission to get steaming drunk at the cricket pavilion.


But things are soon getting out of hand when Liv dares Gabby to streak before videoing her friend’s antics and posting the video online.

Emmerdale fans should expect events to then take a shock turn, while – by the week’s end – Bernice is making a surprise decision about her daughter’s actions…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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