Coronation Street: Sharif Nazir’s exit storyline revealed

The family is left reeling when Sharif does a runner


Sharif Nazir is to flee Weatherfield in next week’s Coronation Street following the exposure of his affair with Sonia.


Sharif’s shock departure – which comes following the sacking of actor Marc Anwar – will leave his family reeling in scenes to be shown on Monday 7 November.


In the wake of the details of Sharif’s affair being revealed, Yasmeen will be left a broken woman as she tells grandson Zeedan that she was wrong to think she had a loving husband.

Zeedan is fuming when he sees that Sonia is still hanging around and intends to make Sharif tell her to leave. However, before he can speak to Sharif, Dev tells him that he hasn’t turned up for work. Returning to see Yasmeen, he finds her crying, clutching a goodbye letter from her husband stating that he’s gone for good.


Zeedan feels terrible for his grandmother and promises he’ll take care of her. He also tells Dev not to harass her for the money he is owed.

Blaming the breakdown of his family on Sonia, Zeedan takes great pleasure in later telling Sonia that Sharif has abandoned her. Seething, he orders her to leave, too.

It’s all too much for Zeedan, who’s emotionally drained by everything that has happened. Fiancée Rana tries to comfort him but is shocked to hear he considers sister Alya dead to him now, what with her having covered up Sharif’s infidelity.

Later in the week Yasmeen dumps all of Sharif’s belongings outside number six, while Alya is upset when she finds out from Sally that Sharif is gone.

Sonia eventually decides to leave and spots Yasmeen as she is moving out of the shop flat. She goes over to apologise and tells her that Sharif hurt her, too. Yasmeen can’t believe she has the gall to say this to her and, enraged, slaps her hard across the face.

Alya takes her shaken grandmother home and offers to stay the night. But can Yasmeen forgive her for extorting money from Sharif and keeping his cheating a secret? And will Zeedan be able to reconcile with his sister?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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