Emmerdale car crash horror – full details and new pictures revealed

ITV to screen the high profile stunt during Thursday's double bill


Carnage and devastation is coming to Emmerdale tomorrow night, but which familiar face will be breathing their last?


As these dramatic new images reveal, the soap’s current stories are set to converge in a terrible car crash that will put lives in jeopardy. But only in the final scene of the week will we discover who has met their maker.

As fans have already seen, Aaron and Robert are speeding along a busy road with Lachlan tied up in their boot. Paddy and Rhona, meanwhile, are in the same area in hot pursuit of Pierce.

And let’s not forget the beleaguered James, who has now escaped from the clutches of deranged wife Emma. How will their Misery-style drama impact on events?

Now, we can disclose that Thursday’s double bill will crescendo in the midst of Ashley’s daughter’s christening. With his dementia symptoms worsening, Ashley – believing that he’s late for the service – heads off in the car he hasn’t driven for months. But will he end up causing the disaster?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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