Emmerdale: Charity to kill herself after Cain dumps her for Moira?!

Actor Jeff Hordley on why Cain's actions could have fatal repercussions


Cain Dingle is to call off his relationship to Charity at the 11th hour – just as the pair are about to embark on their new life together in France. But will Cain’s last-minute decision result in Charity’s suicide?


On the topic of why Cain decides to dump Charity and walk away from their plans, actor Jeff Hordley says: “It’s a bolt from the blue. For Cain, it’s this sudden moment of clarity where he says to himself, ‘what am I doing in this car with Charity? I should be back with Moira.’

“It’s a moment of epiphany where he realises that he’s making a really bad decision. He knows his heart is back in Emmerdale with his ex-wife.”

So does Cain feel guilty about stringing Charity along in such a fashion? “Of course! He feels terrible for what he’s done. But it’s like someone has thrown an ice-cold bucket of water over him and said, ‘do you know what you’re doing?'”

Scenes to be shown on Thursday 27 October see Charity begging Cain not to go before warning him that he’ll never see either her or Debbie ever again. But Cain doesn’t turn around as he walks away, leaving Charity a broken woman.

Later on, viewers will then see Charity revving the engine of her car, which is poised to go over a cliff. And Friday’s episode finds the police breaking the news to Cain that they’re going to pull his car from the bottom of a lake!

So what does Cain believe has happened to Charity? “He thinks that Charity has totalled his car in anger to get back at him,” says Hordley.

And what if it did turn out that Charity was dead? “It would definitely add to Cain’s current woes. The guilt of Charity dying would not be a good thing.”

Cain has, of course, done all of this in a bid to win back Moira, who recently lost her daughter Holly to a heroin overdose. But with Moira still grieving, she’s surely not going to be in mood to entertain Cain’s hopes of a reconciliation? “I think Cain’s going to try and win Moira back,” says Hordley. “But it might well be over.” 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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