Emmerdale star Danny Miller on “terrifying” upcoming underwater stunt!

"I'm not great underwater and I get quite claustrophobic," revealed the actor


Emmerdale star Danny Miller has revealed that an upcoming stunt filmed on the underwater stage at Pinewood Studios left him terrified.


RadioTimes.com is sworn to secrecy as to what the scene involves, but fans can expect it to be broadcast during next week’s killer week of episodes when Aaron and Robert both find themselves in grave danger.

“It was terrifying. It really was,” said Miller. “Ryan [Hawley] is very good at underwater stuff and is quite a strong swimmer. But I’m not great underwater and I get quite claustrophobic.”

But Miller was happy to put his life in the hands of the expert divers who handle the underwater choreography:

“The diving team at Pinewood were unbelievable. They looked after us and we never felt unsafe at any point. Our director Duncan Foster knew what he wanted, so he didn’t leave us under the water any longer than we needed to be.”

Miller also praised the upcoming drama, citing it as a highlight of his time on the show: “It was great – the best thing I’ve ever done by far. And it also gave me and Ryan more of a chance to bond as well.”

However, co-star Ryan Hawley recently hinted that the stunt could result in the demise of either Aaron or Robert and that fans should brace themselves for tragedy. Said the actor:

“Someone is going to die and there is a chance we could see the end of Robron. Anyone of us could end up dead and Robert and Aaron are certainly in danger.

“They’ll both find themselves in a situation from which they’ll have to escape and I think it will be scary viewing for the audience. I think they’ll be on the edge of their seats.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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