Coronation Street: David’s actions have huge consequences for many people, reveals Jack P Shepherd

David's mission of revenge spirals out of control in next week's episodes


David Platt is to be taken prisoner in the Bistro cellar in next week’s Coronation Street after mum Gail and brother Nick discover that he intends to kill Clayton – and himself!


An increasingly unhinged David will be seen preparing to blow up Kylie’s killer in a car laden with cans of petrol. But Gail and Nick will stymie David’s suicide mission by locking him up.

“Gail plans to keep him in there for the night until the trial is over and Clayton is safely out of the way, so that there’s nothing David can do as it’ll be too late. But David’s cleverer than Gail,” says actor Jack P Shepherd.

Upcoming scenes will see David make a bid for freedom by crawling through air vents and dragging himself to daylight. But Shepherd ended up sharing his big moment with some unexpected cast mates:

“Before we filmed it, the assistant producer asked me how I was with cockroaches. I said that I was fine, the more the merrier – but later on, he sent a text saying they couldn’t get cockroaches because they were too expensive. So they’d got rats instead – enjoy!

“Fortunately I’m fine with rats – and they are real rodents! I’m in the sewer with them and it’s very realistic.”

Unfortunately for the Platts, their efforts to pull David back from the brink end in failure when his bid for freedom sees him try to push his dark fantasy into reality. But what happens next in Weatherfield looks set to have far-reaching consequences for more than just David’s own family:

Adds Shepherd: “Let’s just say that he gets the better of Gail and Nick – but it’s what happens after he escapes that has huge consequences for many people.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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