Coronation Street: Watch out, Maria! Caz is “a bunny boiler”, says Samia Ghadie

Is Maria in danger from her obsessed flatmate?


Caz is to flee in next week’s Coronation Street after planting a kiss on Maria – but is she really gone for good? Not if gullible Maria has anything to do with it!


Upcoming scenes see a guilty Maria tracking Caz down after the former soldier overhears jibes from the Salon staff about Maria being a ‘magnet for gays’.

After tracking Caz down to a hostel, Maria pleads with her to come home, promising to forget all about the kiss. But are Caz’s feelings for Maria only set to intensify? And what about Maria’s recent fling with Aidan? Is there a danger of the truth coming out? Actress Samia Ghadie reveals more…

Prior to Caz kissing her, how is Maria feeling having slept with Aidan and dumped Luke?
She feels a bit rubbish about sleeping with Aidan. Afterwards, I think she was kind of hoping this might mean something for them, but Aidan really blew her off and said to Maria that it should never have happened and that he loved Eva. So she feels a bit put out about that. I think with Luke, she’s sad about the way it ended with him. She did really like him but it just didn’t work out for them in the end. But she was hoping they could stay friends.

Does she have any idea that Caz is developing feelings for her?
No, I don’t think so. If she does, she’s burying it and getting on as usual. I think she just thinks Caz is quite clingy with her because Maria is the only person who has given her a chance and helped her out when she had nobody else.


So, how does she react when Caz kisses her?
She’s really not sure how to take it. It’s not like a full-on snog, so I think Maria questions whether she imagined it to be something more than it actually was and wonders if she’s overthinking it, or if Caz did kiss her slightly more than a friend would! Maria is left really confused.

Does it change the way Maria thinks about her at all?
At the point where Maria admits to Audrey and Sophie that Caz tried to kiss her, she has clearly realised that there was more to it than in a friendly way. She does start to worry a little bit about what it all meant, but then when Caz overhears Maria talking about her, Maria’s priority then becomes about trying to get Caz to talk to her again.

How does Maria feel about the suggestion that she is a magnet for gays?
She’s a bit put out by that really and she’s sensitive about it.

Why is Maria so worried when Caz disappears after hearing the salon gang talking about her?
Maria really doesn’t want to upset Caz and they’ve become friend,s so she doesn’t want to leave Caz on her own again. Maria knows that she’s all Caz has, so she’s worried when Caz then disappears as she knows full well that Caz has nowhere to go, so she’s worried about her whereabouts. She feels guilty that Caz heard the all laughing about the kiss and wants to make it right again. 

Does she think Caz will do something stupid to herself, or is Maria more worried for her own safety?
No I don’t think she’s worried about that. I just don’t think Maria can stand to think of Caz being alone and having nowhere to go. She wants to make it right for her. Maria feels really sorry for her and doesn’t want to add to her problems.

When Maria finds Caz and persuades her to come home, is she conscious of the fact that she could be fuelling Caz’s obsession with her?
No that doesn’t really cross her mind, although maybe she’s just forcing herself not to think about it. Maria does try to see the best in everyone and she can be a bit naive, so all she wants is to put things right and say sorry.

When Caz agrees to forget about the kiss, is Maria happy it’s behind them?
Yes absolutely, she doesn’t want to talk about it or think about it again so she’s definitely happy to forget all about it!


Meanwhile, how is Maria coping with having to see Aidan and Eva together?
Maria is really denying how she actually feels about Aidan. She’s definitely put out by Aidan’s behaviour since the night they slept together. Eva obviously doesn’t know a thing, so is very full-frontal with her affections for Aidan, which winds Maria up, even though she knows it’s not Eva’s fault.

Does she secretly enjoy making a dig at him in front of Eva?
I don’t think she enjoys it, I just don’t think she can help it! She can’t help herself. Although maybe a teeny part of her enjoys watching Aidan squirm.

Do we get the impression that he is worried for her and the Caz situation?
Aidan is understandably weary of Caz because of what happened between her and his sister Kate. Aidan warns Maria that Caz is trouble and that she should stay away from her, but Maria just thinks he’s saying that because he’s protective of Kate.

We know that there is high drama ahead for Maria, Aidan and Caz – how did you react when you found out what had been planned?
Excited! It’s great to be part of this new storyline and it’ll open up new avenues for Maria. She’s not the best judge of character so it’ll be interesting to see what pickles she will be getting herself into next with Caz…I think Caz might turn out to be a bit of a bunny boiler!

Do you think Maria and Aidan would make a good couple?
They have a history there and those family connections. They have chemistry and I think they’re attracted to each other. But could Maria ever trust Aidan knowing that he’s cheated on Eva? I don’t know…

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