Neighbours: Gary is arrested – plus Steph is targeted by stalker

29 August – 2 September 2016: And Piper decides to make an official complaint against Elly


All your Neighbours spoilers for next week revealed…


Monday 29 August

Mark arrests Gary when he sees him threatening Cooper. Therese learns that Ryan still has a copy of the hidden camera hotel footage. Piper suspects that Elly is marking her work unfairly. Paige basks in Jack’s attention but Amy worries that he is only doing it to protect her. 

Tuesday 30 August

Jacks learns that Ari the stalker is not after Paige – but then who is his target? Alison reveals that Cooper’s mum has a serious temper and may have hit him. When Charlie acts up and an accident occurs at the motel, Steph assumes it is the Brennan brother influence, unaware that it was actually Ari.

Wednesday 31 August 

Jack fears that Ari is after Steph, but church law prevents him from speaking up. Meanwhile, Steph heads home with no idea that she is being followed. Ben puts pressure on Cooper to tell the truth about his injury. Xanthe is taken aback when she learns that Ben came to the rescue of her family.

Thursday 1 September

Paige is outraged when she learns Jack’s real motives. Therese prepares to fall on her sword when her investors find out about the hidden cameras in the hotel. Piper is stunned when Elly snaps abusively at her. Mark goes to extreme lengths to protect his loved ones.

Friday 2 September


Piper decides to call Susan to make an official complaint against Elly. Events conspire against Madison as she prepares to play her first gig. When Ned bumps into an old acquaintance, he is warned not to get too close to Elly in case he upsets Regan… Is he involved with someone else?