Emmerdale: Paddy returns – and tries to kiss Rhona!

He knows Pierce isn’t all he seems – but can he win Rhona back?


Bumbling local vet Paddy Kirk will make a surprise return to the Dales next week in Emmerdale, where he will be sorely disappointed to find that estranged wife Rhona has been getting cosy with Pierce Harris.


Rhona sent Paddy a letter a while ago to tell him about her new relationship with Pierce, and the week begins with her worrying that he hasn’t replied. 

The very next day, Paddy returns home after four months in Germany. Actor Dominic Brunt said of Paddy’s time away, “He’s had a miserable time. He was a real Norman no-mates. He’s been really lonely and pining for his wife.”

Upon his arrival he heads straight to Tall Trees where he is more than a little surprised to find Marlon and Carly together, partially dressed. Marlon is stunned to realise that Paddy doesn’t know about his ex’s new relationship, but before he can break the news, April’s grazed knee creates a distraction…

Heading to Smithy Cottage, Paddy is once again met by an unwelcome sight when he stumbles upon Rhona kissing Pierce, the widower of the woman he had an affair with!

Brunt explains, “He comes back thinking ‘Right, I’m going to get her back. I’m going to turn things around.’ Then they come bursting through the door snogging. He’s completely confused, it’s the last thing he was expecting.”


Later Paddy will try to apologise to Rhona but she’s not having any of it and tells him there’s no point in even talking. Paddy knows Pierce isn’t the nice guy he seems to be and in an attempt to prove it he joins Pierce and Carly’s bike ride, much to Pierce’s chagrin.


Brunt adds, “Pierce is almost like the perfect human being. He’s fit, he’s good looking, he’s eloquent and likeable. He’s the opposite of Paddy. But Paddy sees little things and thinks the way he treats Rhona is over the top. He knows things about Pierce that Tess told him and he knows that he’s not a good human being at all.”

Both Chas and Marlon – who is, in fact, quite pally with Pierce – think Paddy is delusional and try to talk some sense into him. He’s not willing to give up just yet though, and during a heart to heart with Rhona he leans in and kisses her. She pushes him away and tells him it’s over for good.


In The Woolpack, a defeated Paddy tells Pierce that he kissed Rhona but he’s sorry. How will Pierce, who already has good reason not to like Paddy, react to this information?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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