Casualty star Derek Thompson blasts politicians for making “bulls**t” promises on the NHS

"It’s been a dreadful disappointment the way politicians have not served it."


Casualty stalwart Derek Thompson has taken a swipe at politicians’ plans for the National Health Service, labelling their promises “bulls**t”.


When asked whether he was worried about the direction in which the NHS was headed, Thompson – who has played nurse Charlie Fairhead on the medical drama since 1986 – said:

“Personally, always. I don’t think that in the last 30 years anybody has lived up to any of their promises that they made about the NHS.

“I think an awful lot of it, as is true of an awful lot of political statements and indications and promises are – for want of a politer word – bulls**t.”

Thompson’s words come following recent comments made by former Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who disowned a pledge to spend £350 million of European Union cash on the NHS following Brexit.


Thompson – who was speaking at a press event to mark Casualty’s 30th anniversary – did not single out Farage personally, but instead chastised politicians in general for failing to live up to their manifestos:  

“There are so many promises that are made, that are made just to be eye-catchy and to fill out an election tome.”

“They give promises that are vague or give promises that are with great clarity and have great intentions behind them, but they always know that there’s a trapdoor that that can fall down.”


“It’s been a dreadful disappointment the way politicians have not served it.”