Coronation Street: Kylie Platt funeral drama – revealed!

Todd finds out that Kylie killed Callum - will he go to the police?


The day of Kylie’s funeral on Coronation Street will bring fresh drama for the Platts when Todd discovers the truth about the killing of Callum.


In the run-up to Todd finding out what happened on that fateful night, he’ll be seen pointing out to Sarah how he’s covered up for her for months by letting Tony take the rap for the crime.

Realising that Todd thinks she murdered Callum, Sarah swears her innocence. But after realising that she’s telling the truth, Todd then gets it into his head that David must therefore be guilty!

Cue a confrontation that sees Todd laying into David about being a murderer – all of which leads to Sarah cracking and finally blurting out the truth about Kylie being the real killer.

Despite David’s pleas for him to keep quiet for the sake of Max and Lily, Todd is determined to tell the police the truth.

But outside the police station, Sarah begs Todd to hear her side of the story and recounts her past trauma, explaining how Callum was going to kill her before Kylie stepped in.

Sarah implores Todd to bury the truth for the sake of Max and Lily, but will he agree to do so? Meanwhile, a vulnerable David sits by Kylie’s grave, admitting that he’s struggling to keep is anger in check. What will he do to ensure Todd keeps his silence? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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