Coronation Street: Steve is revealed to be the father of Leanne’s baby

But will the paternity secret reach Michelle's ears?


“I’m sorry, Steve – I’m pregnant and it’s yours.”


With these words, Leanne Battersby tonight confirmed press rumours that publican Steve McDonald would turn out to be the father of her baby.

Leanne was recently seen having a one-night stand with one mystery Weatherfield resident, the result then being a positive pregnancy test.

But it was only during a meeting in the back room of the Rovers Return during this evening’s double bill that Steve was revealed to be the dad.

“One mistake! One stupid mistake and now this!” railed Steve. “It didn’t mean anything. It was pointless.”

All of which prompted Leanne to point out that Steve was “hardly Tom Hiddleston” when it came to the looks department.

Crossed wires then saw Steve assume that Leanne would want to have abortion, only for her to then protest that this would be her last opportunity to have a child of her own.

After saying that everything would be OK as long as nobody finds out, Leanne then reassured Steve with the words, “You get on with your life. I get on with mine. End of.”

But with Michelle about to start making about to start making baby plans of her own, it seems that Steve could well be a very busy dad by this time next year. And secrets do have a habit of being spilled down Weatherfield way…

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