Everyone had exactly the same thought about Rickon Stark during Game of Thrones season 6 episode 9

Battle of the Bastards spoilers! Especially about Rickon!


Oh, Rickon Stark – you sweet, sweet fool. 


When that sadist Ramsay told you in Game of Thrones season six episode nine that you could go to your brother Jon across the battlefield if you just dodged his arrows, you didn’t really get the ‘dodge’ bit did you? In fact, you ran straight out rather than trying to zigzag out of the way. 

We did have some hopes for you at first, despite being worried about you because you’re so small and innocent. We watched those arrows and hoped and prayed you’d navigate your way around them. But as soon as you started hurtling towards Jon In a Straight Line (WHYYYY?!), we knew your time was up. 


Oh, Rickon.

It wasn’t just RadioTimes.com who were hugely frustrated at your lack of dodging – the whole of the internet had exactly the same thought. Rickon, why oh why didn’t you zig zag? 

See? The WHOLE of the internet was yelling zig zag at you. And you didn’t listen. 


Game of Thrones’ series six finale airs at 9pm on Sky Atlantic on Monday 27th June