EastEnders: Les Coker has a heart attack – while dressed as Christine!

Who will spot him wearing women's clothes?


Les Coker’s big secret is in danger of being exposed next week when he suffers a cardiac arrest while dressed as his alter-ego Christine.


Undertaker Les will be seen buckling under the pressure of Babe Smith’s blackmail demands after wife Pam makes a dangerous decision that puts their whole business at risk.

When Pam arrives home following yet another fraught showdown with Babe, a tense situation is made even worse when Les keels over clutching his chest.


Scenes to be shown on Thursday 30 June will see Les taken to hospital in the wake of his heart attack. But will anyone spot him being loaded into the ambulance dressed as Christine?

Billy, meanwhile, finds that with Les incapacitated, he’s now in charge of Peggy’s funeral, which is due to take place the very next day. How will cope with the responsibility?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s EastEnders below


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