Emmerdale: Dr Bailey loses his job and leaves when his affair with Belle is exposed

Get set to Bailey's worst ever week as his life implodes


Dr Bailey is to pay a big price for his affair with Belle Dingle when he’s beaten, sacked and forced to leave the village.


Next week’s episode of Emmerdale will see Cain put Bailey in hospital after Belle is arrested for breaking into the GP’s home.

With Belle being painted as a stalker, Cain decides to take action the only way he knows how – with his fists. But little does he know that Bailey’s wife Angie has sought revenge in quite a different way: by reporting her husband to his boss!

Yes, the penny has finally dropped for Angie as to what cheating Jermaine has been up to and she’s making sure that his superiors know all about it.

Scenes to be shown on Tuesday 21 June see Dr Bailey sacked on the spot as Dr Bailey explains that he’s reporting him to the GMC.

As the GP packs his possessions, he tells Belle that they’re finished. All of which leaves a deeply upset Belle blaming Cain for driving her lover away.

Full of feelings of revenge, an angry Belle will next be seen picking up the phone – but will she really land Cain in trouble with the police for what he did to Bailey?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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