Coronation Street: Todd frames Tony for Callum’s murder, reveals Bruno Langley

Todd is desperate to protect Sarah, who he thinks is guilty of the crime, says the actor


Todd Grimshaw is to pin Callum Logan’s murder on Tony Stewart in an upcoming episode of Coronation Street.


Todd will be seen making the surprise decision after reaching the conclusion that Sarah must be the one responsible for doing away with the notorious drug dealer.

But a further twist will come when the police start to suspect that Todd, Tony and Jason may all have conspired to kill Callum on that fateful night back in September last year.

So has Todd only ended up giving the Grimshaws yet more grief to deal with? Here, Bruno Langley reveals all about the upcoming cliffhangers…

So why does Todd come up with the plan to say that the now deceased Tony killed Callum?
To protect Sarah. Todd thinks, given her present state of mind, that Sarah must have done it. Also possibly Jason – both of them together. So Todd wants to protect them both.

Does Todd wait to be questioned before he reveals this?
No – he goes to the police station first. He says he knows who killed Callum and then he goes back and tells the Grimshaws – so word gets out. I’ve just had a scene with Jack P Shepherd where I tell him that I know who killed Callum – and at the same time, Todd tries to read David for any clues, to try and suss out if he knows anything. Todd still doesn’t know if Sarah’s done it or not.

But Todd’s got a whole story worked out?
Yeah – he’s basically doing it to protect Sarah. Obviously on screen they’ve been quite close recently, talking a lot about the past and stuff. He feels very protective towards her, especially now he’s the godfather of her son Harry. So he’s come up with this weird plan in his head that makes sense to him and he kind of digs himself in – once he’s gone and told the police it was Tony. He tells the police that Tony confessed to him the night he did it. Todd then tells the police that he hadn’t believed Tony until the body was discovered. Tony was working on the extension, so the story makes sense but Todd’s not sure that the detectives believe him.

What does Jason think?
It’s strange – he doesn’t come down on one side or the other, but I think in his heart he knows his dad didn’t do it. He’s a bit annoyed with Todd for telling everyone it was Tony but I don’t think that he fully understands Todd’s motives which seem to Todd to be good and right.

So Todd swears this is the truth to the police?
Yes – Eileen warns him that he’d better be telling the truth.

The Grimshaws are really at the centre of the action with the Platts, aren’t they? Obviously Gail and Eileen are sworn enemies for life. This storyline puts the two families at the centre. Are you enjoying that?
Todd’s kind of on the fringes. He’s kind of the peacemaker at the moment, which is an odd situation for Todd to be in. There’s so much history between the two families that it might flare up at any moment. That tension is always there.

On another topic, have you learnt much about flowers and flower arranging now you’re working in Preston’s Petals?
I’ve no idea about flowers! But at the start, as Kate Ford pointed out, Tracy and Todd should be quite bad at it. She did train as a florist a long time ago but Todd hasn’t a clue. I personally don’t know anything either. I know how to buy them but that’s all. It’s hard because you’ve got to make it look like you know what you’re doing.

Do you like Todd and Tracy’s relationship?
Yeah, I love it. They’re both quite interesting characters. They say things to each other that they wouldn’t say to anyone else. Cutting, quick things. They’re also quite bitchy together. They don’t take offence when the other one says something. They’re really horrible to each other, but they don’t mind. At the end of the day, she’s given him a job and he feels good about that.

Does he respect her?
He can’t believe some of the things she gets up to. Todd’s done some outrageous things but even he can’t believe some of the stuff she’s done. She’s on another level. He finds that quite impressive.

How do you feel about Ryan Thomas leaving?
I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I’ve been away and come back again, while he’s never left. He’s been here for the duration. I’m a bit sad about it, although I’m excited for him at the prospect of doing different stuff. He’s had the most fantastic training at Corrie – as we all have.

You left and came back but did leaving help you grow as an actor?
More as a person, actually. I learnt the discipline of the theatre. You can’t be late and you’ve got to be on the ball every night. The audience has bought tickets, they’ve paid to come and see you, and you don’t want to let them down. I left Corrie in 2005 and then I became a dad – that was very life changing. Parenthood makes you less selfish – and this industry can make you quite self centred and selfish. Kids are the perfect antidote to that. Also, going out and meeting other actors makes you see things differently. You learn from them.

What do you make of the animosity between Todd and Phelan?
Todd’s not taken in by Phelan. There’s a line where Todd says to Phelan – I’m not going to let you screw over this family like you did to the Windasses. Again, Todd’s protecting his family, mainly his mum. He can see it a mile off but Eileen’s obviously blinded by whatever it is – love or affection.

And Todd’s scar…how much earlier do you have to come in to get it done in make-up?
About 10 minutes! I’m not sure that you can see it much any more. You don’t see it unless it’s outside and a close-up.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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