Neighbours: Ned kisses Lauren, while Sonya learns the truth about Walter

30 May-3 June 2016: Plus Steph is quick to blame herself for Paul’s sudden disappearance


Monday 30 May


Brad and Terese threaten to ruin Steph if Paul does not come back. Xanthe realises that she has made a mistake and calls off her cosmetic surgery. Lauren tells Ned that she cares about him, but he misreads her intentions and goes in for a kiss. 

Tuesday 31 May

Xanthe is humiliated that her secret plan to have breast enhancement surgery is out. Paul asks Steph to lend him money for a fake passport. Brad is forced to reveal the secret he shares with Terese about Cecilia’s false testimony. Ned pleads with Lauren not to tell Brad about their kiss. 

Wednesday 1 June

Jimmy finds Paul and warns him that the police are coming, but when Jimmy is stung by a bee and suffers an allergic reaction, Paul has a difficult decision to make. Sonya is stunned when Walter admits he is not her uncle. Lauren warns Ned that if he steps over the line again she will tell Brad everything. 

Thursday 2 June

When Nate reveals that he has re-enlisted in the army, Aaron tells him that he does not want to go with him. When John recoils from a kiss from Paige, she has had enough and tells him that she is only interested in guys who are committed to her. Sonya does her best to process some life-changing news. 


Friday 3 June

Aaron scrambles to keep Xanthe and Ben out of danger. Toadie is torn when Steph asks him to defend Paul. Walter and Sonya finally start to bond. Lauren is shocked that Brad could be so dishonest when she discovers the truth about the false testimony.