Hollyoaks: will Sienna get married? Will Silas murder Kim?

9-13 May 2016: And will Cameron let Ste drown?


Monday 9 May


Sienna and Ben prepare to get married, but Sienna knows she’s walking down the aisle to the wrong man. Meanwhile, Ben asks Jack to give Sienna away and Nico volunteers to take Jack’s place as ‘best man’. Ben and Trevor square up to each other at the ceremony just as Sienna arrives with Maxine and Jack by her side. Sienna walks down the aisle, glancing at Trevor out of the corner of her eye.

Ste is worried when he gets a text from the hospital about his CD4 test results. Harry has lost a memory stick containing his revision notes and goes to the shack to find it. He’s faced with James who is using the shack for storage. Harry asks for James’s help, much to the lawyer’s delight. Leela waits with Ste at the hospital and conversation turns to Lockie. Elsewhere, Harry notices an engraving on the floor of the shack: “Cameron is a killer”. At the Lomaxes’, Leela suggests to Cameron that he should call Lockie.

Tony is panicking about his re-launch on Wednesday, while Marnie is a wolf in sheep’s clothing watching him struggle. When Tony can’t afford to pay any of his suppliers, Marnie suggests he contact her loan shark friend.


Tuesday 10 May

Harry shows Ste the engraving. Ste swipes Cameron’s phone and confronts him about why there’s no record of his call to Lockie yesterday. John Paul tells Ste about the night he saw Cameron offering Lockie a lift, prompting Ste to go to the police station.

James is surprisingly unsettled by his mother’s latest tactic. Diane warns Tony that not only could he lose The Hutch, he could also lose his family if the re-launch isn’t a success.

Alfie turns up at the Boarding House in stereotypical French attire to help Jade with her French revision. 

Wednesday 11 May

Ben turns up at the Lomaxes’ to ask Cameron about Lockie. Cameron is about to go for a trip to the lake to spread his dad’s ashes when Leela tells him that Ste is going too. Ste is wary when Cameron ushers him into a rowing boat. In the middle of the lake, Cameron talks about Lockie but the penny drops for Ste when Cameron starts talking about his brother in the past tense. The two men tussle and Ste falls in the water. He can’t swim so Cameron has a decision to make – save him, or let Ste drown.

Alfie’s delighted when Jade tells him her exam went well, until she suddenly collapses.

Myra tells John Paul that he’s too good for Scott and taking his mum’s advice, John Paul tries to avoid his new love interest. However, Scott realises that John Paul is ashamed to be seen in public with him and is heartbroken. Mrs St Claire is disappointed when John Paul tells her that he has been influenced by what Myra and other people think of Scott.

It’s the big day for The Hutch but when the doors open, no one arrives. 


Thursday 12 May

Cameron watches as Ste struggles to stay on the surface. James promises Marnie that he’ll get her The Hutch and Mac. At the hospital, Jack tells Alfie that Jade has had an allergic reaction. Alfie collapses. And Myra refuses to believe she’s done anything wrong when Mrs St Claire confronts her about John Paul, but is left with food for thought when Sally questions why John Paul confided in her instead of his own mother. 

Friday 13 May

Tony receives an invoice slip totalling more than £20k for the loan he took out, plus interest. Harry offers to go and see the loan shark with him but Tony goes alone.

Cameron paints over Lockie’s engraving at The Shack. Meanwhile, James meets Harry in the village and asks him to convince Tony to sell The Hutch.

John Paul tells Sally that they can have a professional relationship but nothing more – he doesn’t need another mother! Myra invites Scott for dinner and John Paul is chuffed, but asks if he can invite someone else too. Myra is floored when Sally turns up. After dinner, John Paul and Scott go upstairs while Myra and Sally have a heated discussion about John Paul. They’re unaware that they’ve been overheard…


Kim continues her online search for Lindsey. She agrees to meet ‘Edward’ in The Folly to talk about some information he’s got, but it’s Silas who turns up.