Next week on The Archers: will Helen plead guilty? Ursula piles on the pressure – and the police talk to Pat

1-6 May 2016: Plus Lilian's big day arrives


Some classic soap opera plotting this week as Helen keeps her barrister (and listeners) guessing as to how she’s going to plead. Unable to get a clear steer, Anna prepares two statements, but which one will Helen end up choosing?


At Bridge Farm, just as the Archers begin to think they can’t take anymore, Ursula piles on the pressure and Pat grits her teeth to be civil. Then comes a glimmer of hope: the police want to talk to Pat, which she sees as a chance to finally fight Helen’s corner.

Pat Archer (Patricia Gallimore)

Onto more pleasant matters, namely the cricket season and David’s plans to join the team for Ambridge’s match against Little Croxley. Ruth, though, is unsure of his strength as a player, particularly as his ‘whites’ are more like ‘yellows’.

The day that has been keeping Lilian in a spin arrives. Miranda is making her assessment of the Dower House – and of Lilian. What will Mrs Elliott make of her husband’s country pad and his social secretary?

Rex can’t figure out why there’s been a sudden surge in the orders for pastured eggs, but when Josh comes clean it suddenly makes sense. Now the rebuilt egg-mobile is in place, Rex wants to move the hens out of the caravan but Josh insists they must stay there at least another week.


Finally, it beggars belief, but the troubles continue with the shepherd’s hut that Eddie has built Lynda. But as Eddie tweaks the structure, Lynda recognsises that her woes are trivial in comparison to those of others in Ambridge. Finally! A full stop for this storyline!