Brooke Vincent on her Coronation Street break: “I will be out of my comfort zone”

The actress also reveals all about the Sophie, Kate and Caz love triangle


Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent has revealed that she is apprehensive about her upcoming break from the ITV soap.


The 23-year-old star will exit Corrie later this year to star in 1960s’-set comedy Be My Baby at the Lowry in Salford, but admits that she is filled with angst at the prospect.

“I don’t finish on Coronation Street until August, but I am nervous as I won’t have everyone I know around me. But that’s why I’m doing it. I want to stretch myself,” says Vincent, who currently plays Sophie Webster. “I asked if I could have the time off to do it and I wasn’t sure what they would say. So when they said yes I was like, ‘oh crikey so I’m doing it then’. There was no turning back. People keep tweeting me saying they have booked tickets and that makes me nervous!”

Love triangle: Sophie (Brooke Vincent) and Kate (Faye Brookes) are caught together by Caz (Rhea Bailey)

Until her departure from the Street, Vincent looks set to be part of an on-screen love triangle, with Sophie about to share a kiss with Kate Connor, much to the annoyance of Kate’s soldier girlfriend Caz. Says Vincent:

“They get caught straight away and Sophie thinks that this is the moment that Kate is going to tell Caz that she doesn’t want to be with her. But the storyline goes in completely the opposite direction and Kate blames Sophie for it all. And that’s not the way it was – Sophie didn’t force herself upon Kate.”

Sophie has, of course, always been unlucky in love, what with her relationship bust-up from Sian Powers and the death of Maddie Heath in an explosion last year. And now it looks like Sophie is going to face heartbreak yet again:

“Sophie thought that what she had with Kate could have been something. She’s the first person she’s thought about in this way since Maddie. So Sophie’s hurt about the spin that Kate has put on it.”

So what advice would Vincent give her character were she allowed the opportunity? “I’d tell her to stop being so wet! She needs to stick up for herself and hopefully we will see that side of her coming through as she isn’t a push over. I told Rhea Bailey that Sophie would beat Caz in a fight – ha ha!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of all next week’s drama on Coronation Street below.


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