Watch the explosive Neighbours Hotel Death Trap trailer – who’s going to die?

Lives are on the line in the dramatic new promo


Well, this is it, Neighbours fans – your first glimpse of the Lassiter’s explosion that is set to bring about the demise of some of the soap’s most familiar faces.


Yes, a special week of episodes beginning on April 4th will see chaos and destruction in Erinsborough with lives hanging in the balance thanks to a devastating blast.

In the run-up to the detonation, viewers will see someone up to no good in the hotel’s boiler room, which will eventually explode, trapping Erinsborough residents and guests beneath the complex. Josh, Daniel, Toadie, Karl and Paige are just a few of those caught up in the drama.


Fans will then be kept guessing as to who the culprit is, with the ensuing months set to feature a whodunnit complete with a number of red herrings.

Neighbours’ Biggest Week Ever

Who will die in Neighbours’ Biggest Week Ever?

Posted by Neighbours on Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The stunt-laden storyline also coincides with the arrival of two surprise returns to the show – as well as the unveiling of a couple of mystery strangers! So let the carnage commence…