Neighbours: Paul needs help from Cecilia, plus Aaron resorts to desperate measures

28 March-1 April 2016: And Sonya receives an ominous photograph of Nell at day-care.


Monday 28 March


Sonya is spooked when she receives an photograph of Nell at day-care, followed by the discovery that someone has broken into the house. Brodie prepares to leave after a bad training session with Brad, but Piper convinces him to stay. Aaron feels humiliated that Tom was just using him and sets out to clear his name. 

Tuesday 29 March

Aaron tries to get Tom to admit that he lied to the police while secretly recording their conversation. Things get heated when Brad and Terese confront Piper and Brodie and the young lovers consider leaving Ramsay Street. Jimmy’s matchmaking has surprising results when he sets Nene up with Paul. 

Wednesday 30 March

Piper regrets the decision to run away with Brodie when she discovers that he stole her phone. Nene’s desire for Paul increases despite him letting her down after a warning from Amy. When Mark finds some stolen boxes containing alcohol, Steph hides the fact that she was accidentally responsible. 

Thursday 31 March

Piper realises that Brodie is unstable and texts Tyler to pick her up. When he asks Terese for forgiveness, Brodie is ordered out of their lives, but will he take heed? Steph comes clean to Mark about the stolen alcohol. Ben’s return to Ramsay Street does not go unnoticed by Xanthe. 


Friday 1 April

Ben is told to steer clear of Xanthe while he is in Erinsborough. Amy’s insecurities increase when Kyle is reluctant to make plans for Christmas. After being given some scathing home truths, Josh decides that he needs to be a better father. Paul asks an old contact to sabotagetheCitizenoftheYearceremony.