Emmerdale: Charity will try to sell her own son, reveals Emma Atkins

Will a scheming Charity really put Moses up for sale to get one over Emma?


Charity Dingle will sink to new depths following her release from prison when she tries to sell her own baby son Moses.


The shock scheme looks set to increase hostilities with Moses’s grandmother Emma Barton, who has been bonding with the boy while Charity was serving her sentence.

“Emma has elements of weakness that Charity knows exactly how to annihilate,” says actress Emma Atkins. “While Charity has been in prison, Emma has built up this role for herself as Moses’s mother. But this is Charity’s child. And she does stoop quite low in what she’s potentially going to do – effectively selling her own son. It’s terrible.”

Charity is to blaze back into the village next week and will be no less ruthless as a result of her incarnation. On the hunt for cash, Charity will first ask Ross whether he wants to start up their illegal chop shop business again, but when he refuses, she starts to formulate a plan involving Moses.

“I do love playing Charity but I could never condone her actions. She’s just shameless,” adds Atkins.

As to whether the character has any redeeming features, the actress says: “She likes the idea of righting herself, but she’s flawed. The bad side always lures her back. She’s an opportunist even if that means doing something illegal.

“If it’s a way of gaining financial security then she’ll do it. No matter how many lives she has to disrupt.”

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