Emmerdale: Jonathan Wrather debuts as Pierce Harris – just as screen wife Tess is killed off!

But will Pierce find out about Tess's affair with Paddy?


Former Coronation Street star Jonathan Wrather has made his Emmerdale debut tonight as Pierce Harris, the husband of cheating Tess. But his opening scenes saw him being told that his screen wife had been run over and killed.


The surprise plot twist meant that the two characters never got to share any screen time – in fact, Wrather has never even made the acquaintance of actress Nicola Stephenson.

“We’ve never met,” says the actor. “Pierce has only been spoken of up to this stage. We’ve actually been to their house, but the most you saw of me was a photograph in the background.”

Upcoming episodes, though, will see Pierce attempting to discover what Tess was doing in the run-up to her demise, little suspecting that she was actually having an extra-marital affair with village vet Paddy Kirk.

“He becomes quite obsessive in his need to find out what went on,” continues Wrather. “We’ve already heard that he wasn’t as attentive as he could have been. He’s also been very career-oritented. But Tess’s death is a catalyst for him to think about what he’s done because the most important thing in his life is now gone. How that manifests itself – we’re not sure yet.”

But with secrets having a habit of being exposed in soapland, it can only be a matter of time before Pierce discovers the truth about Tess’s infidelity. Our advice? Watch your back, Paddy!

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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