Emmerdale: Nikhil and Jai in factory brawl over Leyla!

Next week's Sharma drama see the siblings get violent


The Sharma brothers are at war next week over the affections of Leyla Harding – but which of them will win her heart?


The pair look set to have a punch-up after Leyla agrees to marry Nikhil following their whirlwind romance.

And it’s the prospect of Nikhil moving away from the village with Leyla that serves as a the catalyst for his fight with Jai in the factory.

With Jai claiming to be a reformed man thanks to a stint in rehab, it isn’t long before he’s vowing to stop Leyla from leaving for Canada. And, for her part, Leyla does seem open to persuasion after seeing a rejuvenated Jai.

With Nikhil sensing the sexual tension in the air between his brother and Leyla, the two siblings are soon slugging it out. But little do they know that David is on the sidelines quizzing Leyla about which Sharma she really loves. To whom does her heart belong?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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