EastEnders star Lacey Turner on Stacey’s Christmas Eve birth – but will her big baby secret be revealed?

Is Shabnam about to get a festive shock and discover that Kush is the father of Stacey's child?

The audience at the Albert Square nativity play will be witnessing more than just the birth of the baby Jesus this Christmas Eve when a pregnant Stacey goes into labour.


Explaining how her character ends up becoming an unwitting part of the performance, actress Lacey Turner explains: “Stacey’s waters break, but she is sent home from the hospital as it is still too early for her to go in. She should really be putting her feet up but Stacey doesn’t want to miss Lily’s big moment in the nativity play.

“So she goes along to watch, but then things start moving along more quickly. That baby is not going to wait!”

After Stacey gives birth, everyone will be seen celebrating the new arrival, but one resident begins to put two and two together and comes to a startling realisation. Has Shabnam finally worked out that the father of the child is actually her new husband Kush?

So how does Turner think Shabs would react were she to discover the truth? “She would be devastated, angry and betrayed. And she would have every right to be. But Kush and Stacey never set out to hurt anyone. They didn’t have an affair – it was one drunken night when Kush and Shabnam were on a break.

“What they should have done was told Shabnam then, but hindsight is a wonderful thing and if they knew then what they do now, maybe things would be different. That’s what makes this whole situation even more complicated.”

Amidst all the drama of Shabnam confronting Stacey during tense scenes to be shown on Christmas Day, a further surprise comes when Kat pays an impromptu visit to the Square. So what does Stacey make of Kat’s sudden reappearance?

“She’s shocked! She had no idea Kat was going to show up, but Stacey is a little too preoccupied with the baby to think too much about it. I’m sure there will be a whole lot of drama for Kat and Alfie – there always is!”

One thing’s for certain, though: with Kat arriving home, a new baby in the house and paternity secrets threatening to spill out, it certainly won’t be a quiet, relaxing Christmas for Stacey…

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