Tinsel, tears and runaways in first look at Call the Midwife’s Christmas special

Ding dong merrily on high! The midwifes are back - and, as ever, we're in for an emotional Christmas....


We’ve been awful good, and after nine long barren months, the Nonnatus House midwives are preparing to deliver another heart-warming festive special this Christmas Day. The episode is set to grace our telly screens at 7:30pm on BBC1, just as that glass of babysham and your second turkey sandwich starts to take its toll.


So what period drama joys can we look forward to from the East End midwives this year?

There will be births and bouncing, bonnie babies, obviously, but we can also expect a side order of distress and despair. Call the Midwife isn’t one to sugar coat the festive season.

When it comes to the rest of the dramas, those lovely chaps over at the BBC have treated us to a few preview pictures.

Sister Monica Joan is seeing in the festive season with a sneaky tipple… 

But decking the halls of Nonnatus doesn’t look like a task she’s enjoying. 

In fact, it seems she’s packed up, left Poplar and headed out alone into the bleak midwinter…

Meanwhile Patsy and her boy scouts are setting off on a festive trip. Someone told us the BBC are in the area recording the local carol concert. Hope they’ve been handing out copies of Radio Times magazine… 



Call the Midwife Christmas special is on Christmas Day at 7:30pm on BBC1