9 incredibly cute Christmas gifts for Call the Midwife fans

Make your festive period brighter than Fred's fairy lights with our top gifts for Call the Midwife fans...



A Nonnatus gal wouldn’t be seen without her delivery kit. But dragging around clamps, catheters and forceps just isn’t that practical. The next best thing? This retro first aid kit. First Aid Tin, £15

Nothing solves problems like a good cup of English Breakfast – and don’t the Nonnatus midwives know it. Pop a brew on in veritable vintage style with this classic Cornishware set. Mug, £15, Sugar pot, £16

Keep your cuppa warm with this super cute tea cosy. It’ll even match your cardi. Knitted Teacosy, £20

Forget iPads, games consoles and other such modern nonsense. This traditional counting game is the perfect gift for little ones. Wooden Biscuit Counting Game, £10

Snuggle up after a long day on the cobbles with this chunky blanket. Hand Knitted Throw, £39

Straight out of the Nonnatus House kitchen, but for teabags well within their use-by date. PG Tips tin, £7

Sling this over your shoulder when you’re heading out on emergencies/bike rides/dates to keep all your belongings close by. Vintage Leather Bag, £28

Because bicycles can be practical AND stylish. Rose Bicycle Bell, £15


Decorate those digits in patriarchal style. No shilly-shallying! Old Blighty, £12, Her Majesty’s Red, £15