Ross Kemp return would be “wonderful”, says EastEnders star Gillian Taylforth

"There would be another Mitchell brother in the Square for Kathy to choose from!" adds the actress


EastEnders star Gillian Taylforth has revealed that she would welcome the return of Ross Kemp as Grant Mitchell to the BBC1 soap.


“If Ross decided to come back, it would be wonderful,” said the actress, who has herself recently returned to play Kathy Beale. “There would be another Mitchell brother in the Square for Kathy to choose from!”

During her original time in Walford, Kathy was of course married to Phil (Steve McFadden), but also found time to have a fling with his brother Grant.

Taylforth joked that should Grant make a comeback, Kathy and Sharon (Leitita Dean) could make sure that they once again played swapsies with the two Mitchell boys, saying, “Me and Tish could share them!”

However, Taylforth would ideally like her character to stay single should she manage to extricate herself from her poisonous marriage to the manipulative Gavin Sullivan.

“At the moment, Kathy should be on her own after all that she’s gone through with Gavin. She wants to get things right with the family and she’s also got a grandchild to get used to. Another man is totally out of the question.”

The actress’s comments concerning Ross Kemp come amid press reports that Grant could be back next year to save alcoholic brother Phil, who is set to fall off the wagon.

Speaking last month at the Radio Times Festival, executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said: “I think the fact that you’ve got Phil, Kathy, Sharon – there’s a person missing, isn’t there?

“Actually, to get all four on screen at the same time is a dream. As an EastEnders fan, you want to watch that. I want to watch that.”

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