Neighbours: Tyler kisses Paige, while Amy is stunned by the unexpected arrival of her ex-husband Liam

5-9 October: Plus Paul plots his revenge against Josh for sleeping with Naomi

Monday 5 October


Paige helps Tyler track down his missing bikes and in the heat of the moment he kisses her. After overhearing Susan and Karl talk about how difficult it has been with him around, Ben decides to leave Ramsay Street. Amy admits that there is a spark between her and Kyle, but their newfound romance is interrupted by the arrival of Amyʼs ex husband Liam. 

Tuesday 6 October

Amy is suspicious of Liam’s rather sudden appearance. Meanwhile, Kyle feels left on the periphery and assumes that Jimmy will not want to hang out with him any more. Tyler and Mark go after the stolen tools. Lucan Fitzgerald returns as the new owner of the garage. Naomi is determined to cheer up a heartbroken Sheila. 

Wednesday 7 October

Sonya is concerned that Lucas is gambling again. Amber suggests that Paige is with the wrong Brennan brother. Imogen is excited about having lunch with a judge and asks Daniel along for support, but he ends up taking over the conversation, infuriating Imogen. 

Thursday 8 October

Piper is visibly shaken when she receives a mysterious text. Paul plots his revenge against Josh. Aaron worries that his public declaration about dating Nate will have a detrimental effect on The Heatʼs public image. Karl and Susan both cheat and watch the first episode of their favourite new show without the other knowing. 


Friday 9 October

Josh finally comes clean to his parents about his past. Piper blames Imogen for getting involved with Forrest and making Joshʼs situation worse. Kyle confronts Liam when he spies him acting suspiciously. Naomi suspects that Paul was involved in Joshʼs set up and sets out to prove it.