Dowager Countess dares to go downstairs in Downton Abbey shocker

Lady Mary also receives an unwelcome visitor, while Edith ponders a new life in London in the latest trailer for series six...


Downton Abbey’s sixth season really is ringing in the changes. Mary isn’t riding sidesaddle any more, Edith’s running a magazine, Mrs Patmore has a refrigerator and the Dowager Countess is venturing somewhere we’d never thought we’d see her go: downstairs. 


That’s right, Violet Crawley is leaving the comfort of the ground floor – its drawing room, dining gong and solid social structure – and heading down an entire flight of stairs… to the kitchens. 

“I haven’t been into the kitchens for 20 years,” says the Dowager Countess in the latest trailer for the show’s sixth and final season. 

“Have you got your passport?” quips Isobel, by way of reply. 

We have no word yet on why the Crawley clan are literally lowering themselves. One simply can’t imagine what dramas have led to this momentous occasion… 

The trailer also sees Lady Mary come face to face with an unwelcome visitor, who seems to know all about her past, and Lady Edith take tentative steps towards love and life in London. 


Downton Abbey returns to ITV on Sunday 20th September at 9:00pm 

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