Duffy returns to Casualty – Cathy Shipton is back as Lisa Duffin for new tearjerking episodes

"Appearing on-set in uniform again prompted a few tears - particularly from Derek Thompson"


Cathy Shipton – one of the original stars of BBC1’s Casualty – will return as nurse Lisa “Duffy” Duffin in scenes to be shown this Saturday.


Duffy, who hasn’t been seen on screen since 2006, will make a comeback as an agency nurse for what Shipton describes as tearjerking episodes.

The two-part story will also see the return of Casualty’s co-creator Paul Unwin, who is back to write and direct the  aftermath of Zoe and Max’s fiery wedding.

Viewers were left wondering whether the bride – along with consultant Dylan Keogh – had survived following a cliffhanger explosion on Sunday.

“I was surprised and delighted to be asked to recreate the role of Duffy to launch the 30th series, especially as Paul Unwin – one of the original creators – was not only writing but also directing,” says Shipton. “The scripts are page-turning tear-jerkers and I know I’ll need the tissues on hand when I see the final edit!”

In scenes set to be broadcast on Saturday 29 August, Charlie will (and here follows a few spoilers) be seen jumping into freezing water to rescue Zoe, only to suffer a heart attack. In tense scenes, the whole team have to pull together to try and save him.

“Appearing on-set in uniform again prompted a few tears – particularly from Derek Thompson [who plays Charlie], but strangely it was as if time had stood still and within a couple of hours it was business as usual,” added Shipton.

Casualty will celebrate its 30th anniversary in September 2016 and Shipton is proud to still be associated with the series that made her name.

“I am proud to be playing Duffy again because, like the series itself, she seems to have a real and lasting connection with the public.

“I did wonder why I sometimes felt choked up seeing these new faces bringing the script to life, and I think it’s because, going in to the 30th series, the heart of Casualty is still beating as strongly as ever.”


You can watch a trailer for Saturday’s episode of Casualty below.