Baby trauma to bring Nick and Erica closer together, says Coronation Street star Claire King

"He’s stood by her through the pregnancy and he's there at the hospital supporting her," says the actress

Actress Claire King has revealed that Erica’s miscarriage fears won’t result in her and Nick Tilsley splitting up.


“It does bring them closer together because it’s really just the two of them going through this,” King says of next week’s emotional scenes. “Nick’s family aren’t particularly interested – Gail doesn’t want Erica to be pregnant and doesn’t even like her, so it’s just of the two of them dealing with this. He’s stood by her through the pregnancy and he’s there at the hospital supporting her.” 

Erica will be seen doubling over in agony during a quiz night at the Rovers and being rushed to hospital, where she fears that her unborn baby is in danger. 

But King’s insistence that Erica and Nick will remain united in the face of this adversity might not please those who’d like to see Carla Connor swoop in and steal Nick away.

“Ali King’s fans want Carla to be with Nick but my fans want Erica to be with Nick,” adds King. “A lot of people seem to really like Erica because she’s cheered Nick up. He’s become more of a fun character and they like their scenes together. Obviously, there’s a few that mention the age gap, and how old she is to be having a baby, but it does happen more and more these days.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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