Bill Clinton visited the set of The West Wing to explain to the cast about 9/11

The former US president stopped by the TV Oval Room to help the cast understand who Osama Bin Laden was in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the United States

US president Bill Clinton visited the set of The West Wing to talk to the cast in the wake of 9/11, Allison Janney has revealed. 


The actress – best known for playing press secretary and eventual chief of staff CJ Cregg in the award-winning political drama – told the real-life politician visited the show’s fictional White House to “educate us” about who Osama bin Laden was. 

Clinton, who is known to be a fan of the Aaron Sorkin series, “talked at great length”, according to Janney, who is currently starring alongside Melissa McCarthy and Miranda Hart in new comedy Spy.

To see what she had to say about the former president’s visit – and the part CJ played in paving the way for women in politics – take a look at the full interview below:


Spy is out in UK cinemas now