Neighbours spoilers: Paige finds Tyler getting intimate with another girl, plus Hilary has big news

1-5 June: And Susan worries that Brad and Lauren are getting too close, while Daniel and Josh take paternity tests


Monday 1 June


Lauren tries to explain to Susan why she was leaving Bradʼs house in the early hours of the morning, but Susan thinks that she may be protesting too much. Jealous of Brennanʼs date with Naomi, Paige asks Tyler out, only to find him getting it on with Hannah. Georgia feels terrible that Sonya felt the need to look for new friends, and organises a girlsʼ afternoon. 

Tuesday 2 June

As the paternity test looms, Amber feels the pressure from all sides and decides to escape for some desperately needed time alone. Paige is upset over Tylerʼs garage tryst, and the tension between the pair boils over. Paulʼs cousin Hilary arrives with information on the whereabouts of his estranged daughter Amy, but he is reluctant to pursue the matter. 

Wednesday 3 June

Daniel finds Amber at a beach cottage, but their privacy is disturbed when Josh arrives and the pair start fighting. Ezra dismisses Tereseʼs concerns for Clem. Meanwhile, when Terese confronts Brad over his relationship with Lauren he reassures her that he is going to stop getting involved. Sheila and Nate work together to put a stop to Ezraʼs plans to redevelop The Waterhole. 

Thursday 4 June

Amber realises that there is only one way out of the mess that she is in, Josh and Daniel need to take paternity tests to find out who is her babyʼs father. Susan and Terese both do their best to get through to Clem, but he is reluctant to open up. Paul cannot keep his feelings of jealousy at bay any longer and gives Brennan bad dating advice that he knows will not go down well with Naomi. 

Friday 5 June


Ezra is furious when Clem decides to fly back to Perth to live with his mother, accusing Terese of brainwashing him. Meanwhile, Susan tracks down Chloe and persuades her to make a statement that Ezra attacked her, leading to his arrest. Paige and Tyler continue in their efforts to make the garage business legitimate, but their plan soon sours when Joey Dimato dumps a backpack full of money. Naomi is appalled to learn that Paul has been giving Brennan dating advice.