Watch the trailer for ITV’s Home Fires

Britain's women discover the true cost of war in the first trailer for ITV's new Sunday-night drama series


“It’ll all be different, we have to adjust” Samantha Bond’s Frances Barden tells her fellow Women’s Institute members in the first trailer for ITV’s new six-part Sunday night drama Home Fires, setting the mood for a wartime tale that will bring the home front back to our TV screens.


The minute long teaser for the series opens by telling us that “none understands the true cost of war better than women” and goes on to illustrate just how much heartbreak the women of Great Paxford face as their husbands and sons head for the battlefields.

It also reveals that the women must wage a war of their own back home if they’re to keep calm and carry on.

From dealing with disillusioned and downright nasty husbands to falling head over heels for the new military men in town, they’ll face challenges too.

“What is known is that together we shall endure whatever the future will throw at us”, states Frances. And we’ll be enduring it with the women of the Great Paxford Women’s Institute for the next six Sundays, at least…

Home Fires airs on ITV, Sunday nights at 9pm from 3rd May

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