Kevin Spacey gives his verdict on House of Cards spoiler time frame

You don’t want to mess with Frank Underwood on this one


House of Cards star Kevin Spacey has entered the great spoiler debate and decided that the appropriate time to talk to people about the show storylines is, well, never.


In fact, when asked the time frame for when it’s appropriate to discuss what goes down in the world of Frank Underwood in the political drama, Spacey replied: “Infinity”.

“You can’t ever,” he continued, talking to US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel. “I’ve now been going out and doing press for the first three seasons and every single time journalists want to talk about plot lines and things that happen and things that they were shocked by, and I say, ‘I can’t talk about any of it’. There are millions of people in other countries, as well as America, who are just discovering season one.”

Kimmel, one of the many who admits to binge-watching the show the minute it becomes available to stream, suggested that perhaps there’s a case for ‘too slow Joe’. If you’ve not abandoned your family on HoC day, locked the door and simply let the episodes click over and over and over until there’s not a single episode left and your eyes are burning with the sheer effort of watching every last minute, well then perhaps you deserve to have all the best bits spoiled…

Nope. Spacey won’t stand for that and promptly gives Kimmel the finger of shame. You’ve been warned. 

Check out the interview here: