Home and Away spoilers: Sasha leaves, while Maddy cuts herself off from her friends

27 April-1 May: Plus Matt is outraged when he learns that Josh has taken his job

Monday 27 April


Now that they are officially a couple, Ash tries to get Denny to come surfing with him, but it is too strong a reminder of Casey and she struggles to get into the water. Sasha comes to the heartbreaking realisation that she cannot sacrifice her dream for Matt, and the pair acknowledge that their relationship is finally over. VJ apologises to Zac for making life difficult for him after his suspension and offers to stay with his grandmother for a few days so that he can visit Leah in hospital. 

Tuesday 28 April

With Denny finally ready to move on and commit to Ash, Ricky reminds him that if he is serious about it he should tell Brax the truth. Irene prepares a farewell lunch for Sasha and a heartbroken Matt before she leaves the Bay for university. Nate loses patience with Kat after she calls off their relationship once again. Does she want him or not? 

Wednesday 29 April

Brax is furious when Ash tells him about his relationship with Denny, but despite his protestations Ash is determined to keep seeing her. Meanwhile back at the jail, Gunno warns Brax that any friend of Ashʼs is no friend of his. Hannah encourages Kat to stop worrying about what people think and go for it with Kyle. Andy is struggling with his personal trainerʼs qualification but when Hannah offers to help him study he is overwhelmed and storms off. 

Thursday 30 April

Still angry with him for dumping Maddy when she needed him the most, Spencer is unimpressed when Oscar turns up to help with the colour run. Maddy receives devastating news about her treatment – the chemotherapy is not working. Andy plucks up the courage to admit that he has difficulty reading and asks Josh for help with his studies. Kyle is torn when Josh asks him for a job at Angeloʼs. 

Friday 1 May


Oscar tries his best to lift Maddy after her terrible chemo results, but she is still reeling and is unable to see a way forward. Enraged when he finds out that Josh has been given his job, Matt collects his possessions and leaves the Bay in the dead of night. With Leah unlikely to wake up, Zac gives in to VJʼs demands and agrees to let him live with his gran – but just as he does so Leah opens her eyes! Chris moves Spencerʼs things into Sashaʼs room when he is not home, but when he finds out, the pair come to blows.