How Twitter reacted to Russell T Davies’ Cucumber

It's been 13 years since Queer as Folk ended - so what did viewers make of the Doctor Who writer's new drama about 21st century gay life?


Groundbreaking TV writer Russell T Davies was back on our screens last night with new Channel 4 drama Cucumber. Like his 1999 hit Queer as Folk, it’s about modern gay life in Manchester — but rather than depicting youthful hedonism, Cucumber centres on a 47-year-old insurance executive in the throes of a midlife crisis.


Although Davies has been hugely praised for bringing Doctor Who back to life, his fans have also been hoping for a follow-up to Queer as Folk, or at least something just as brilliantly human.

So as it finally aired last night, how was Davies’ Cucumber received on Twitter?

Many felt the show was exactly what they’d been waiting for…


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