In The Flesh is cancelled – Twitter reacts

BBC3 has axed Luke Newberry-fronted drama In The Flesh - and there are some very unhappy fans

The axing of zombie-themed drama In the Flesh has just been announced by BBC3.


Writer Dominic Mitchell’s cult show – fronted by Luke Newberry – has a devoted fan following, who have been campaigning for its return since it was left in commissioning limbo when series two ended in June last year.

And the news that they won’t be getting a third series has left them understandably upset…

Mitchell himself thanked viewers and the BBC for their support

While the fans themselves let it all out…

It is, after all, Bafta winning

Some people are speechless


Fuming, in fact

The #SaveInTheFlesh hashtag lives on

The sad eyes have come out

People are NOT giving up

Hearts are breaking

Seriously, how can anyone say no to these eyes?

Or this man?

In fact, let’s let Luke Newberry round out the comments


Nice one, Luke